Big Data Use Proposed to Aid Needy People in Japan


Tokyo, Nov. 12 (Jiji Press)--Japanese administrative reform minister Taro Kono on Thursday proposed the utilization of big data to help local governments provide tailored support to needy people.

Kono made the proposal on the first day of a four-day administrative review aimed at eliminating wasteful spending of state funds.

On the day, experts and others took up child poverty and issues related to single parents, reviewing projects by the Cabinet Office, the education ministry and the welfare ministry. One participating expert stressed the need for administrative authorities to proactively aid people in need.

Kono told reporters after the first-day meeting that big data can help understand the circumstances of each person. “By identifying people who need help (through the use of big data), we can support them proactively.”

In the administrative review through Sunday, the government will scrutinize projects, including those related to the promotion of renewable energy sources and the planned procurement of new fighter jets for the Self-Defense Forces.

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