Team Succeeds in Delivery in Monkey after Uterus Transplant

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Tokyo, Nov. 18 (Jiji Press)--A team including researchers from Japan's Keio University said it has succeeded in helping a monkey to give birth, after transplanting a uterus taken from a donor monkey.

It was the first time in the world for a monkey to give birth with a transplanted uterus, according to the group.

Keio University aims to conduct a clinical trial for a similar treatment with humans, believing that the safety of the method has been confirmed to a certain extent.

In the study with cynomolgus macaques, the team conducted a uterus transplant in February 2017 to a monkey whose immunological type matched that of the donor monkey at a rate of 50 pct, as a test for a potential transplant between a human mother and a daughter.

After administering immunosuppressants, the team injected fertilized eggs to the uterine tube of the monkey. After suffering two miscarriages, the monkey gave birth in May this year. The cause of the miscarriages has yet to be identified.

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