Japan Governors Seek “Go To Travel” Exclusion for High Infection Areas


Tokyo, Nov. 23 (Jiji Press)--Japanese prefectural governors on Monday came up with a set of proposals to the state government over the resurgence of the novel coronavirus in the country, including the removal of areas in the Stage 3 situation from the Go To Travel campaign.

The package, adopted at an online meeting of the National Governors’ Association, also called on the central government to shoulder costs of travel cancellations following the exclusions in order to help related businesses and consumers avoid confusion. Stage 3, which shows a rapid increase in infection cases, is the second-worst level on the four-tier scale gauging the degree of spread of the novel coronavirus.

Kamon Iizumi, head of the group and governor of the western prefecture of Tokushima, said, “With Japan likely in the midst of the third wave of infections, the central government needs to issue a strong message to the public about measures it plans to take from now and the current infection situation.”

“The 47 prefectures of the country should unite and work with the central government with a determination to contain the coronavirus crisis by preventing the alert from rising to Level 4 by all means,” Iizumi added.

Iizumi told a press conference after the videoconference that he will submit the association’s proposals to economic revitalization minister Yasutoshi Nishimura, who is in charge of the government’s coronavirus responses, at an early date.

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