Japan Confirms 10th Bird Flu Outbreak at Farm

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Tokyo, Nov. 25 (Jiji Press)--Japan has confirmed its 10th avian influenza outbreak at a poultry farm this year, the agriculture ministry said Wednesday.

The latest case happened at a farm in Awaji, Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan. Hyogo is the third prefecture with such an outbreak this year, following Kagawa, also in the western region, and Fukuoka in the southwestern region.

The Hyogo government obtained positive results of simple bird flu tests conducted on chickens at the farm after a report that many chickens had died there.

Genetic testing conducted later showed that the virus is very likely to be highly pathogenic.

The prefecture will slaughter 146,000 birds being raised at the farm, hoping to finish the work in two or three days. It asked for a Self-Defense Force dispatch.

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