LDP Starts Talks on Use of Different Surnames by Married Couples


Tokyo, Dec. 1 (Jiji Press)--Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party started talks on a possible system to allow married couples to use different surnames, at a meeting on Tuesday of its special committee on supporting women’s activities.

It was the first time for the LDP to discuss the issue at a formal occasion since it returned to power in late 2012.

The move came as the government is slated to revise by the end of this year its basic policy on gender equality.

Whether the LDP can reach a conclusion on the issue remains to be seen, as party members backing the introduction of such a dual surname system appear to be matched in number by those who are cautious about it. Many LDP lawmakers uphold traditional family values.

At the meeting of the party panel, former Justice Minister Masako Mori, its chair, expressed eagerness to have “careful discussions,” while pointing out that there are growing complaints about problems stemming from the change of surname.

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