More Bird Flu Outbreaks Confirmed in Kagawa Pref.

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Takamatsu, Kagawa Pref., Dec. 2 (Jiji Press)--Kagawa Prefecture said Wednesday that avian influenza believed to be of a highly pathogenic strain has been confirmed at two more chicken farms in the city of Mitoyo.

These marked the ninth and 10th bird flu outbreaks at poultry farms in the western Japan prefecture this year. Bird flu is spreading in the western and southwestern parts of Japan, with infections found also in Hyogo, Fukuoka and Miyazaki prefectures since November. In Miyazaki, one of the biggest chicken-producing areas in Japan, two outbreaks were confirmed this week.

The Kagawa prefectural government will cull a total of some 373,000 chickens at three farms, including the two affected Mitoyo facilities, that were all visited by the same vehicles.

The prefectural government has received reports from the two farms about an increase in chicken deaths, and simple tests found infections among birds at the farms. Genetic tests conducted later detected an H5 subtype virus from the chickens, indicating that the virus is likely to be highly pathogenic.

The three farms are located within 3 kilometers from a Mitoyo farm where highly pathogenic bird flu was confirmed on Nov. 5 in the first such outbreak hitting a poultry farm in Japan in two years and 10 months.

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