New Bird Flu Outbreak Confirmed in Miyazaki Pref.


Miyazaki, Dec. 3 (Jiji Press)--Miyazaki Prefecture announced early Thursday a new outbreak of avian influenza believed to be highly pathogenic at a chicken farm in the southwestern Japan prefecture.

The prefectural government will cull all of some 36,000 chickens at the farm in the city of Miyakonojo, which is one of the biggest chicken-producing areas in the country. Local industry officials are increasingly alert for any further spread of infections.

Chickens at the farm were confirmed positive in a simple bird flu test conducted after its operator reported to the prefectural government Wednesday afternoon that 72 chickens at the facility had died. A genetic test carried out later confirmed the infections.

The prefectural government ordered 12 farms within a 3-kilometer radius of the affected farm not to transfer their chickens and eggs from their facilities. Eighty-two farms in areas of 3 to 10 kilometers are banned from moving their chickens or eggs outside of the zones. The 94 farms have a total of about 4.3 million chickens.

In Miyazaki, bird flu was confirmed at chicken farms in the city of Hyuga and the town of Tsuno earlier this week. Elsewhere in Japan, avian flu outbreaks occurred at chicken farms in the western prefectures of Hyogo and Kagawa and the southwestern prefecture of Fukuoka this year.

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