MSDF-ASDF Food Battle Ends with Collaboration


Tokyo, Dec. 5 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force and Air SDF have announced a dish they made in collaboration--curry and rice served with "karaage" fried chicken--bringing their closely watched "food battle" to an end.

The new dish, named "Kukai," will be served at the Defense Ministry's cafeteria for a limited period from Monday.

The ASDF has promoted its original karaage, competing with the MSDF's traditional curry dish, inherited from the now-defunct Imperial Japanese Navy. Specifically, the MSDF and the ASDF are respectively promoting curry and karaage developed by members of their bases, as part of efforts to make citizens feel close to them. In October, the chiefs of staff of the MSDF and the ASDF joined the battle on Twitter.

For Kukai, curry using lotus roots and minced meat is topped with pieces of karaage flavored with garlic and soy sauce. The curry was originally made by the MSDF's Iwakuni base in the western prefecture of Yamaguchi, and the karaage by the ASDF's Chinen sub base in the city of Nanjo in the southernmost prefecture of Okinawa.

The term Kukai comprises two kanji characters--one meaning air or sky and the other meaning sea--which respectively form part of the Japanese names for the ASDF and the MSDF. Kukai also means "do you want to eat?" in Japanese.

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