Komeito Growing Assertive in Japan’s Ruling Bloc


Tokyo, Dec. 7 (Jiji Press)--Komeito is increasingly asserting itself in Japan’s ruling bloc, which is led by the Liberal Democratic Party, ahead of key elections next year.

A government meeting on social security reform, set for Friday, was canceled as Komeito and the LDP remained apart over a proposed increase in medical fee burdens shouldered by elderly people. The meeting was supposed to produce a final report.

The government plans to raise the share of out-of-pocket medical payments covered by people who are aged 75 or older and earn at least 1.7 million yen annually to 20 pct starting in fiscal 2022, which begins in April 2022.

Komeito had initially demanded the government put off a decision on the plan.

Later, it proposed that the minimum annual income be raised to at least 2.4 million yen and that the new system not be introduced until at least October 2022.

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