Japan's Building Repair Skills OK'd for UNESCO Listing

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Tokyo, Dec. 17 (Jiji Press)--UNESCO has decided to add a series of Japanese craftspeople's techniques for repairing traditional wooden structures to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Japan's Cultural Affairs Agency said Thursday.

The decision, made by an intergovernmental committee of the Paris-based U.N. educational and cultural organization, marks the registration of the 22nd Japanese intangible cultural asset on the UNESCO list, after "raiho-shin" traditional divine visit rituals in Japan registered in 2018.

Newly joining the list are 17 sets of traditional skills and techniques related to wooden architecture recognized by the Japanese government to be indispensable to preserving cultural assets.

Among them are skills to harvest Japanese "susuki" silver grass and "yoshi" reed grass used in thatched roofs, tap Japanese "urushi" lacquer trees and make gold leaf by beating the metal inserted between Japanese traditional handmade "washi" papers.

The 17 sets of skills are preserved by 14 organizations, including the Japanese Association for Conservation of Architectural Monuments.

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