Bird Flu Spreads to Tokushima


Tokushima/Miyazaki, Dec. 19 (Jiji Press)--The prefectural government of Tokushima, western Japan, said Saturday that an outbreak of avian influenza believed to be highly pathogenic has been confirmed at a chicken farm in the city of Awa.

Tokushima is the 12th prefecture to report a farm bird flu outbreak this winter.

Also on Saturday, the prefectural government of Miyazaki reported a bird flu outbreak in the capital city of Miyazaki, marking the eighth outbreak in the southwestern prefecture this winter.

All of some 10,000 chickens at the Awa farm and some 34,000 chickens at the Miyazaki farm will be slaughtered to prevent the spread of infections.

Chickens and eggs at farms within 10 kilometers of the outbreaks will be banned from being transferred.

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