Tokyo Setagaya Family Murder Still in Mystery after 20 Yrs


Tokyo, Dec. 27 (Jiji Press)--The mother of Mikio Miyazawa, who died in the high-profile murder of a family in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward, has expressed concerns that the incident may be forgotten without being solved, ahead of the 20th anniversary on Wednesday.

"I feel like there has been no progress since the beginning," said Setsuko Miyazawa, 89, who has been waiting for the brutal murder of the four-member family in December 2000 to be solved.

She is calling for the preservation of the house in Setagaya even though it is aging, as she does not want the tragedy to fall into oblivion.

At the beginning of this year, she received a box containing a portion of victims' belongings from the Metropolitan Police Department.

They included dinosaur toys and dozens of books that belonged to Mikio, who was killed at age 44. He was into dinosaurs since he was in elementary school, the mother said.

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