Japan to Ban Arrivals of Foreigners from around World

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Tokyo, Dec. 26 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government said Saturday it will ban arrivals of foreigners from around the world from Monday until the end of next month.

By strengthening its border control, Tokyo hopes to prevent apparently more transmissible variants of the novel coronavirus found in Britain and South Africa from entering Japan as much as possible, officials said.

In response to the discovery of the variants, Japan introduced a ban on arrivals of foreigners from Britain on Thursday. A similar measure has been taken also for arrivals from South Africa.

This time, the ban will be expanded to cover the entire world.

The government will also suspend a special measure allowing Japanese and other business travelers living in Japan who return after staying overseas for up to seven days to be exempt from 14-day self-quarantine. The suspension will run from Monday until the end of January.

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