Japan Lawmakers to Make Own Rules on Group Dining


Tokyo, Jan. 7 (Jiji Press)--Japanese ruling and opposition parties have decided to make their own rules on group dining in time with the government's planned declaration of a fresh coronavirus state of emergency.

But the decision encountered a barrage of criticism on the internet and the development prompted some lawmakers to call for shelving the rulemaking.

On Wednesday, parliamentary affairs chiefs of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan confirmed that the rules need to be laid out. They agreed to have the steering committees of both parliamentary chambers discuss the rules.

The parties are considering liming the number of participants in a dining session involving a lawmaker to up to four and having such a session finish by 8 p.m., according to informed sources.

Among internet users who criticized the move, one commented, "The lawmakers are forcing people to have patience, so why can't they do so." Another said, "With lawmakers having only this level of alertness, it's no wonder that the government can't promote countermeasures." One went as far as saying, "The lawmakers are looking for ways to have dinner sessions without facing complaints from citizens."

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