Govt to Seek Restraints on Going Out after 8 P.M. over Virus


Tokyo, Jan. 6 (Jiji Press)--Japan’s government plans to strongly ask residents in Tokyo and three neighboring prefectures to be covered by its fresh state of emergency over the novel coronavirus to refrain from going out after 8 p.m., it was learned Wednesday.

The request, to be based on the special measures law against the virus, will be made in line with the emergency declaration under the government’s basic policy on fighting the epidemic. The government is set to decide Thursday on the state of emergency for Tokyo and Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures, where new infection cases are increasing rapidly.

The government is considering allowing nurseries and after-school care facilities for children in the four prefectures to remain open in principle under the state of emergency.

A draft of the basic policy says that residents will be requested to avoid going outside for nonessential and nonurgent reasons, except for visiting medical institutions, buying foodstuffs and doing workout to keep good health, among others, in order to prevent the virus from spreading widely.

The government will call on companies in the Tokyo metropolitan area to strongly promote measures, such as allowing employees to work remotely and in rotation, with the aim of reducing the number of commuting employees by 70 pct. Businesses will also be asked not to have their employees work after 8 p.m. unless such duty is necessary for the continuation of their operations.

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