COVID-19 Hospital Bed Occupancy Rate Rises to 80 Pct in Tokyo

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Tokyo, Jan. 7 (Jiji Press)--About 80 pct of hospital beds secured for COVID-19 patients in Tokyo are now occupied amid a rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, data showed Thursday.

At a meeting to monitor the coronavirus situation held by the Tokyo metropolitan government, experts warned that the medical system in the capital will collapse unless the number of new coronavirus case is brought down.

According to data shown at the meeting, the seven-day average of new cases increased from 616.7 as of Dec. 23 last year to 751.0 as of Dec. 29 and to 1,023 as of Wednesday, suggesting that the virus spread at an increasing rate during the year-end and New Year's holiday season.

Also as of Wednesday, the number of COVID-19 inpatients reached 3,090 against 4,000 beds secured already and the positive rate hit 14.4 pct, up from 8.4 pct as of Dec. 29.

The Tokyo government is making efforts to make 600 more beds in total available for COVID-19 patients at municipal hospitals and hospitals run by the Metropolitan Health and Hospitals Corp.

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