Social Media "Cash Giveaway" Scams Increasing in Japan


Tokyo, Jan. 12 (Jiji Press)--Japan is seeing an increase in social media posts pretending to be cash giveaway offers from celebrities, with some people cheated out of electronic money through such scams.

"There is no law to crack down on social media catfishing," an expert said, calling for swift measures against such fraud.

In January 2019, noted entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa drew attention by offering on Twitter to give 1 million yen each to 100 people. The number of such "cash giveaway" posts has grown since then.

Such posts typically ask viewers to become followers of the accounts or retweet the posts to get the money. Some such accounts post photographs of wads of notes to lure prey while withholding their identities.

A resident of the central Japan prefecture of Ishikawa in her 30s was swindled out of 5,000 yen worth of e-money in November last year through a fake Twitter account opened in the name of Yuta Misaki, another famous entrepreneur.

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