Unattractive Men's Club Offers Chance for Soul-Searching

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Osaka, Feb. 2 (Jiji Press)--Men who consider themselves as unattractive for women have organized a club in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, where they can openly share their personal complexes and thoughts with each other.

The club, called "Bokura no Himote Kenkyukai," which literally means Our Research Group on Unattractiveness, has held about 40 meetings since 2017 and published a book in 2020.

Participants have an opportunity to open up frankly on problems and thoughts that they cannot usually discuss. Some of them came to face up to their unattractiveness by reflecting on themselves, according to the group.

In each session, about 10 people meet in person in the prefecture or online. The purpose of the club is not to help members become attractive, so they do not share tips on how to get a girlfriend. Instead, they speak on topics such as their personal worries and fantasies.

One participant drew laughter when he admitted that a woman who is kind to him seems like a goddess, while another confessed that he made the wrong move of texting a woman he likes via a messaging app tens of times in a day. Some express unvarnished truths about being bullied or about their family circumstances.

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