Japan GSDF Joins SDF Food-Publicizing Campaigns


Tokyo, Jan. 20 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force will launch a popularity poll on dishes served at its bases, joining Maritime and Air SDF campaigns to publicize their meals.

The GSDF, hoping to raise its profile among citizens, will solicit online votes for foods served at its messes across the country and host a tasting event for popular dishes.

Last month, the GSDF began introducing on Twitter dishes served at some 160 camps and subcamps nationwide, including those featuring local specialties and those developed based on requests from GSDF members.

The GSDF has posted images and recipes for such dishes as "Kiritanpo-nabe," a hot pot with mashed rice sticks, served at the Akita camp in northeastern Japan and deep-fried cakes of minced venison at the Matsumoto camp in the central prefecture of Nagano.

Details of the poll are being discussed. Winners may be selected by region or food category, such as ramen noodles and rice dishes served with a topping in a bowl.

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