Bird Flu Outbreak Confirmed at Duck Farm in Japan

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Chiba, Jan. 21 (Jiji Press)--An outbreak of avian influenza thought to be deadly and highly pathogenic has been confirmed at a duck farm in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, the agriculture ministry and the Chiba prefectural government said Thursday.

The prefecture culled all 8,163 ducks on the farm in the town of Yokoshibahikari, raised for food.

About 14,000 ducks are subject to the culling in total, including 6,300 chicks shipped from the farm to six prefectures including neighboring Ibaraki in the past week.

Subject to additional duck culling in the six prefectures are nine farms in Akabira in Hokkaido, Kakuda in Miyagi, Koga and Kasumigaura, both in Ibaraki, Gyoda and Kasukabe, both in Saitama, Matsubara in Osaka and Gose in Nara.

This is the first bird flu outbreak involving ducks in Japan this season, while a series of outbreaks have been confirmed for other birds across the country.

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