Japan Sets Daily Record of 113 Deaths from Coronavirus

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Tokyo, Jan. 28 (Jiji Press)--The daily number of new deaths among coronavirus-infected people in Japan came to a record 113 on Thursday.

The total included 20 in Tokyo, the highest figure ever for the capital, as well as 15 and 10 in the western prefectures of Osaka and Hyogo, respectively, and 11 in the eastern prefecture of Kanagawa.

One of the fatal cases involved a man in his 50s in the eastern prefecture of Saitama, whose infection was found through coronavirus testing at an airport, according to the health ministry.

On Thursday, a total of 4,129 people were newly confirmed to have the coronavirus across the country. The number of severely ill patients with the virus decreased by 11 from the previous day to 1,032.

In Tokyo, the daily number of new infections stood at 1,064, more than halving from the record high of 2,447, set on Jan. 7, when the national government decided to declare a fresh state of emergency over the epidemic for Tokyo and some other prefectures.

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