Elderly People with Novel Coronavirus on Rise in Tokyo

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Tokyo, Jan. 28 (Jiji Press)--The proportion of elderly people infected with the novel coronavirus has been rising sharply in Tokyo although the daily number of infection cases is apparently on a downtrend in the Japanese capital, an expert panel set up by the metropolitan government said Thursday.

“We must keep thorough measures against the virus in place without lowering the guard in order to further reduce the number of infection cases,” an expert said at a meeting of the panel on the day.

While the medical care system remains under strain, the number of hospital beds available for coronavirus patients has increased to 4,700 from 4,000, according to a report submitted to the meeting. Of the total, about 1,500 beds have been secured by hospitals run by the Tokyo government and other public medical institutions, with the number seen rising to some 1,700 on Monday, the report said.

The seven-day average of newly confirmed infection cases in Tokyo stood at 1,015.1 as of Wednesday, down from 1,471.4 a week before.

Meanwhile, the total number of people aged 65 or over who were confirmed infected with the virus in the seven days to Monday came to 1,663, accounting for 21.8 pct of all infection cases found in the week, with the proportion rising from the preceding week’s 15.8 pct.

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