LDP Panel Seeks Early Vaccinations for Elderly Facility Workers


Tokyo, Feb. 8 (Jiji Press)--A panel of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party drew up on Monday a set of urgent proposals including a request for group vaccinations against the new coronavirus for residents and workers at elderly care facilities.

The Japanese government aims to start COVID-19 vaccinations for people aged 65 or older as early as April on a priority basis.

The proposals, compiled by a panel on nursing care under the LDP’s Research Commission on the Social Security System, is set to be submitted to the government soon.

In order to prevent infection clusters at care facilities and other places for elderly people, who are at higher risk of developing severe COVID-19 symptoms, the government is recommending group testing for the novel coronavirus for residents and workers at such facilities.

In the proposals, the LDP panel calls on the government to let local governments know that residents and workers will be allowed to be vaccinated at the same time at facilities that meet certain conditions, such as having a doctor who can monitor residents’ health on a daily basis, and provide support for qualified facilities to conduct group vaccinations.

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