Biden Calls for Science-Based Approach to Tokyo Games


Washington, Feb. 8 (Jiji Press)--U.S. President Joe Biden said Sunday that whether or not the Tokyo Olympics can be held safely this summer "has to be based on science."

"I've spoken with the prime minister of Japan, he's working very hard to be in a position to safely open the games...and I think that has to be based on science, whether or not it is safe for that to occur," Biden said on radio.

The remarks were Biden's first direct reference to the fate of the Tokyo Games since he took office last month. The games were postponed by one year to this summer due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden also expressed sympathy for athletes, saying, "Imagine all those Olympians who work for four years, four years for one shot and all of a sudden that opportunity gets lost."

"We are a science-driven administration, I think the rest of the world's there too" Biden said. "I hope we can play, I hope it's possible, but it remains to be seen."

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