Kobayashi Kako Gets 116-Day Biz Suspension Order

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Fukui, Feb. 9 (Jiji Press)--Japanese regulators ordered Kobayashi Kako Co. on Tuesday to halt operations for 116 days over its supply of a tainted medicine, a record period of business suspension given under the pharmaceuticals and medical devices law.

The drugmaker, based in Awara in the central Japan prefecture of Fukui, received the order from the prefectural government after providing a dermatological medicine tainted with a sleep-inducing component.

The previous record of suspension was 110 days given to Chemo-Sero-Therapeutic Research Institute, or Kaketsuken, based in the southwestern city of Kumamoto, in 2016 for making blood products using unauthorized methods.

Kobayashi Kako was accused of failing to take remedial measures, even though it was aware of practices amounting to violations of the law, and being lax in quality control oversight.

The company also was found to have long been engaged in illegal practices, such as making false records and fabricating quality test results, according to the prefecture.

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