Japan to Propose Cuts in Saury Catch Quotas at Int'l Meeting

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Tokyo, Feb. 11 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government plans to propose reducing saury catch quotas at an international meeting later this month in order to protect resources due to steep falls in saury hauls.

China and Taiwan, which have opposed stricter restrictions, may agree to quota cuts after experiencing poor hauls last year.

In the meeting of the North Pacific Fisheries Commission, slated for Feb. 23-25, attention will be focused on whether negotiators can agree on workable cuts in saury catch quotas.

According to the Fisheries Agency, Japan's saury catches have been on a steady decline since peaking at about 580,000 tons in 1958.

A survey by a national saury fishermen's cooperative, catches in 2020 plunged 27 pct from the previous year to a record low of 29,566 tons.

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