Quick Response to Signal Difficult in 2019 Rail Crash: Board


Tokyo, Feb. 18 (Jiji Press)--The Japan Transport Safety Board on Thursday said it was difficult for the train driver in a 2019 collision in Yokohama to respond to a signal quickly enough to avoid the accident.

The driver needed to apply an emergency brake within 1.8 seconds after passing a point at which flashes of the stop signal became visibly recognizable, the government panel said in a report of its investigations into the accident.

But it was "difficult to instantly respond" to the signal, which begins flashing on and off suddenly when an abnormal event is detected in a crossing, the report added, calling for changing the locations of signals to give drivers more time to apply brakes in response to signals.

In the accident, which happened Sept. 5, 2019, a Keikyu Corp. <9006> train hit a stalled truck at a crossing in Yokohama, leaving the truck driver dead and 77 people on the train injured.

The report said the signal in question stood 390 meters from the crossing and that its flashes could be confirmed from a point an additional 175 meters away from the crossing.

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