Japan Opposition Submits Bill to Facilitate Refugee Recognition


Tokyo, Feb. 19 (Jiji Press)--Five opposition parties in Japan have jointly submitted a bill urging the government to recognize refugees by international standards, pointing out that the number of refugee recognition cases in Japan is smaller than in Europe and the United States.

The bill calls for allowing an independent panel of academic and other experts to determine whether to approve refugee status.

In 2019, Japan’s refugee recognition rate came to 0.4 pct, far lower than about 20 to 50 pct in European countries and the United States.

“People who should be protected as refugees are not protected in Japan,” Michihiro Ishibashi of the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan said after the bill was submitted on Thursday. “We aim to create a desirable system that is not embarrassing in the international community.”

The opposition parties also submitted a bill to require the permission of court to detain foreigners illegally staying in Japan.

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