Japan Govt Adopts Bill on Ships' Evacuation before Typhoon


Tokyo, March 2 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government adopted at a cabinet meeting Tuesday a bill to authorize the Japan Coast Guard to order ships to leave bay or inland sea areas when typhoons are approaching.

The bill to revise related laws, including the maritime traffic safety act, is aimed at ensuring early evacuation of ships to prevent accidents, such as a wind-driven ship crashing against a bridge with its anchor dragging, from occurring.

The Coast Guard has been asking ships to evacuate to protect themselves from approaching typhoons via administrative guidance but such a request has no compelling power.

The bill entitles the Coast Guard to advise or order large vessels and other ships vulnerable to strong wind to leave busy sea areas such as Tokyo Bay, Ise Bay and the Seto Inland Sea. The bill also restricts the anchoring of ships near key facilities, including an offshore airport and a thermal power plant.

The government is considering introducing penalties against those who do not comply with orders from the Coast Guard.

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