10 Years On: 28 Disaster Evacuees Still in Prefab Housing

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Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, March 4 (Jiji Press)--Twenty-eight people still live in prefabricated temporary housing after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami hit Japan 10 years ago.

Such housing remains in the prefectures of Iwate and Fukushima in northeastern Japan, but Iwate is expected to see all of its evacuees move out of temporary housing by the end of this month.

At the peak, the number of evacuees living in prefab housing stood at 116,565 across the two prefectures and Miyagi Prefecture, also in northeastern Japan, in March 2012.

Miyagi saw its last evacuee leave the housing in April 2020.

Of the remaining evacuees, 23 are in Iwate and five are in Fukushima.

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