More Households Began Receiving Welfare Benefits in Dec.

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Tokyo, March 3 (Jiji Press)--The number of households that started receiving public welfare benefits in Japan grew by 367 from the previous month to 17,272 in December last year, the welfare ministry said Wednesday.

The figure was up 4.0 pct year on year, apparently due to impacts from the lingering novel coronavirus pandemic.

The monthly average number of households on welfare in fiscal 2019, which ended in March last year, fell 0.1 pct from the previous year to 1,635,724, down for the second consecutive year. The ministry believes that the decline is thanks to the improved employment situation and the limited effects from the virus.

In December 2020, 1,638,124 households received welfare benefits.

Excluding households on welfare whose payments were suspended, the number of households comprising only members aged 65 or over or those with such elderly people and members aged under 18 accounted for 55.3 pct, making up the largest group. Households including those led by unemployed people accounted for 15.1 pct.

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