Japan 2020 Domestic Violence Cases Decrease for 1st Time


Tokyo, March 4 (Jiji Press)--Japanese police took action against 8,778 domestic violence cases in 2020, down by 383 from the previous year, the first fall since statistics began in 2003, National Police Agency data showed Thursday.

The agency said there is concern that the decrease may have resulted from a situation where people had fewer opportunities to meet with non-family members amid the coronavirus pandemic and many domestic violence cases were kept under cover as a result.

“We’ll work on actively collecting information,” an agency official said.

On the back of rising public awareness of domestic violence and a law revision in 2014 that added abuse against unmarried partners living together to the list of domestic violence, the overall number of domestic violence cases against which police took action had kept increasing every year since comparable data, including on criminal assault cases, became available in 2003.

The cases in 2020 included an incident of injury resulting in death and 110 attempted murder cases. As many as 5,183 incidents were established as criminal assault cases, reflecting police efforts to actively build cases against violence incidents before they develop into more serious situations.

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