Japan to Aim to Halve Use of Chemical Pesticides by 2050


Tokyo, March 5 (Jiji Press)--Japan’s farm ministry unveiled Friday a draft of a new strategy to promote environment-friendly approaches in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries, including a goal of reducing the usage of chemical pesticides by half from the current level by 2050.

The Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry aims to create a sustainable production system for farm products that does not rely solely on the use of chemical pesticides.

According to the draft strategy, the ministry will accelerate efforts to develop new crop varieties that are highly resistant to pests and promote the use of agrichemicals that are less toxic, in order to realize the chemical pesticide reduction goal.

The draft also calls for reducing the use of chemical fertilizers by 30 pct from the current level by 2050.

The ministry hopes to increase the country’s exports of organic agricultural products by expanding areas for organic farming, which does not involve the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, to 1 million hectares by 2050, over 40 times the 2017 level.

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