Japan Beverage Makers to Show Alcohol Content in Grams


Tokyo, March 8 (Jiji Press)--Major Japanese alcoholic beverage manufacturers will start showing on their websites the alcohol content in beer and "chuhai" spirits products in gram terms, along with percentage.

The amount of alcohol that increases the risk of lifestyle-related diseases is 40 grams per day for men and 20 grams for women, according to the health ministry.

As a 350-milliliter can of beer with 5 pct alcohol contains 14 grams of alcohol, three such cans exceed the benchmark for men and two cans for women.

Due to the recent popularity of chuhai products containing nearly 10 pct alcohol, experts point to a risk of people unconsciously consuming large amounts of alcohol.

In the future, the companies plan to indicate alcohol content in grams on product containers as easy-to-understand guidelines for consumption, in order to encourage appropriate consumption.

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