Pandas at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo Mate for 1st Time in 4 Years

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Tokyo, March 6 (Jiji Press)--Tokyo's Ueno Zoo on Saturday said it has confirmed that its male panda, Ri Ri, and his female partner, Shin Shin, mated for the first time since February 2017.

Ri Ri began to show signs of being in heat in November last year, while similar signs were seen for Shin Shin from late last month.

The pandas were put in the same enclosure Saturday after showing strong signs of being in heat, such as calling to each other many times, during their meeting over a fence. Their mating lasted 65 seconds, the zoo said.

The zoo will monitor their behavior further to see the timing of a possible next occasion. After Shin Shin stops her estrus behavior, staff will check whether she is pregnant.

Following the previous mating, Shin Shin gave birth to Xiang Xiang in June 2017.

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