JR East Shows Autonomous Train Test Run to Media


Tokyo, March 8 (Jiji Press)--East Japan Railway Co. <9020>, or JR East, on Monday showed to media a test run of a train equipped with the automatic train operation system on its Joban Line.

A train with the ATO system automatically accelerates and decelerates, and stops at the platform only by pressing buttons when it leaves a station.

JR East will start operating ATO-equipped trains on Saturday, from the day’s first trains, for local services between Ayase Station in Tokyo’s Adachi Ward and Toride Station in Ibaraki Prefecture on the Joban Line. It will be the first time for the firm to put the ATO system into practical use.

In the test run, a 10-car E233 series train traveled between Matsudo and Abiko stations, both in Chiba Prefecture, adjacent to Tokyo, stopping at all stations, while driver’s hand was put on the brake handle in case manual operation would become necessary due to a potential emergency.

On Saturday and later, the drivers and conductors will continue to be aboard ATO-equipped trains on the Joban Line. The drivers will manually operate the trains when they need to slow down due to strong winds or other reasons.

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