Pandemic-Linked Dismissals Top 20,000 among Japan Manufacturers


Tokyo, March 10 (Jiji Press)--The new coronavirus pandemic brought about 20,536 cumulative cases of dismissals and terminations of employment contracts in the manufacturing industry in Japan by Friday, a tally by the labor ministry has shown.

The figure, which represented an increase of 859 from a week before, was the highest among all sectors in the country, according to the tally released on Tuesday. No other sector has seen the cumulative total surpass the 20,000 line.

The overall number of people who were fired or whose contracts were not renewed because of the pandemic in all sectors in Japan rose by 3,169 to 93,354, marking the largest weekly increase since mid-September last year amid growing uncertainties over the country's job situation.

The impact of the viral spread on employment is also serious in the travel and accommodation industries, apparently reflecting a nationwide halt to the government's Go To Travel subsidy program for promoting tourism.

The cumulative number of dismissals related to the pandemic went up by 763 in the travel sector and by 513 in the accommodation sector.

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