Kindergarten Group Accuses Ex-Head over Lost Money


Tokyo, March 11 (Jiji Press)--A Japanese association of private kindergartens has filed a criminal complaint against people including Kei Kagawa, former head of the group, over the issue of more than 400 million yen at the entity having become unaccounted for, it was learned Thursday.

Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department, with which the complaint was filed, is set to investigate the case by questioning people concerned, informed sources said. Kagawa, 69, has denied that he used the money for private purposes, according to the sources.

In the three years to fiscal 2019, which ended in March 2020, about 320 million yen became unaccounted for, according to the Tokyo-based association. In fiscal 2020, more than 80 million yen was fraudulently withdrawn from a bank account of the association until Kagawa quit as its head last November.

In addition, about 41 million yen was lost at an affiliated kindergarten-related association in fiscal 2020. The affiliated group, also based in Tokyo, is headed by former Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura, a lawmaker of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party in the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of the country’s parliament.

Bank passbook forgery has been confirmed in the case, and Kagawa and a former head of the secretariat for the kindergarten association, who was in charge of managing bank accounts of the two groups, are suspected of being involved in the incident. The former secretariat chief said during an investigation by the national association, “I made deposits and withdrawals at the instructions of the former association boss.”

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