Coronavirus Cases in Japan Continue to Grow

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Tokyo, March 15 (Jiji Press)--The number of coronavirus cases in Japan as of 10 a.m. Monday (1 a.m. GMT) grew by 7,938 from a week before to 448,640, marking its second straight week of increase.

In Tokyo and the three neighboring prefectures of Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa, where the Japanese government’s coronavirus state of emergency remains in place through Sunday, the weekly number of new cases rose to 4,243 from the previous week’s 4,108.

The weekly number grew to 1,954 from 1,779 in Tokyo and to 847 from 711 in Saitama, but fell to 723 from 843 in Chiba and to 719 from 775 in Kanagawa.

Among other prefectures, Aichi, central Japan, saw its weekly count drop to 288 from 301.

But the weekly count grew in many others, to 418 from 379 in Hokkaido, northernmost Japan, to 636 from 548 in Osaka, western Japan, and to 251 from 198 in Fukuoka, southwestern Japan.

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