Japan Weekly Coronavirus Cases Up for 3rd Week

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Tokyo, March 22 (Jiji Press)--The weekly number of newly confirmed novel coronavirus cases in Japan has grown for the third straight week.

As of 10 a.m. Monday (1 a.m. GMT), the cumulative number of infection cases, including among cruise ship passengers and crew members, stood at 457,592, up by 8,958 from a week before.

In Tokyo, the cumulative infection total rose by 2,108 over the past week, after increasing by 1,954 in the preceding week and growing by 1,779 in the week before the previous week.

Over the past week, new infection cases confirmed in the Tokyo metropolitan area--Tokyo and three neighboring prefectures of Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa--added up to 4,243, almost unchanged from 4,242 in the preceding week, as new cases decreased in the prefectures other than Tokyo. New cases came to 762 in Saitama, down from 847, to 680 in Chiba, down from 723, and to 693 in Kanagawa, down from 718.

The Japanese government lifted its second state of emergency over the epidemic for the Tokyo metropolitan area at the end of Sunday. The latest state of emergency, which was declared in January and temporarily covered seven other prefectures as well, has now been fully removed.

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