Bookstore Specializing in Okinawa Marks Ruby Jubilee


Ginowan, Okinawa Pref., March 24 (Jiji Press)--A secondhand bookstore specializing in books related to the Okinawa and Amami island regions has celebrated its 40th anniversary, playing a role in supporting the culture of the southwestern Japan regions.

The "Books Jinon" store in Ginowan, Okinawa Prefecture, is known for its extensive collection of the "Okinawabon" books.

Store manager Hitoshi Ameku, 61, is determined to run the bookstore for the rest of his life, saying that such secondhand bookstores can still play a part as the regions' history has yet to be fully researched.

Ameku began working at "Jinon," which means Ginowan in the local dialect, as a part-time staff member the year after the store opened in 1981.

Okinawabon was initially one of the genres the bookstore dealt with. But as the segment of the book market expanded nationwide with the spread of the internet, the store began to rely on Okinawabon, with many expensive books, to sustain business.

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