Japan Team Successfully Tests Sea Ice Survey Robot

Science Society Technology

Tokyo, March 26 (Jiji Press)--A Japanese research team has successfully tested an autonomous submersible robot developed to measure shapes of the underside of sea ice and seawater temperatures.

The robot was developed by researchers from the University of Tokyo and the National Institute of Polar Research to precisely estimate the amount of ice in Antarctica. They include Toshihiro Maki, associate professor at the University of Tokyo.

By using the robot, the team aims to launch a survey in the Antarctic Ocean off Showa Station, Japan's Antarctic research facility, in fiscal 2022, which begins in April next year.

Measuring the amount of ice in Antarctica is indispensable to project its impact on climate change. But aerial observation is not enough.

The 2.1-meter-long robot is equipped with ultrasonic and acceleration sensors aimed at detecting obstacles and surveying targeted areas autonomously.

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