High School Textbooks on New Subjects Screened in Japan

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Tokyo, March 30 (Jiji Press)--Japan's education ministry said Tuesday that most high school textbooks on new subjects, set to be introduced from fiscal 2022 under new teaching curriculum guidelines, have cleared its screenings.

The new subjects include "kokyo," or public affairs, "rekishi sogo," or comprehensive history, "chiri sogo," or comprehensive geography, and "joho I" (information I), in which students will learn programming skills, among other things.

A total of 248 textbooks in 11 subject categories, to be used mainly by first- and second-graders from the year starting in April 2022, passed the ministry review while one rekishi sogo textbook was rejected due to a serious defect in its composition, according to the ministry.

This was the first time that high school textbooks have been screened based on the new teaching curriculum guidelines, set to be adopted from fiscal 2022.

In kokyo, students will learn knowledge and attitudes necessary for participating in society. They will learn modern and contemporary history in Japan and the world for the subject of rekishi sogo, while studying current geographical issues facing the globe for chiri sogo.

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