Japan Enacts Bill to Downsize Elementary School Classes


Tokyo, March 31 (Jiji Press)---The Diet, Japan's parliament, on Wednesday enacted a bill aimed at reducing the maximum number of students per class at public elementary schools in stages to 35 by fiscal 2025 from the current 40.

The reduction is intended to allow teachers to look after each student more carefully, including by utilizing information and communications technology in education.

It will be the first time in some 40 years for Japan to downsize public elementary school classes for all grades.

The bill to revise the compulsory education standards law was approved unanimously at a plenary meeting of the House of Councillors, the upper chamber, after it passed the House of Representatives, the lower chamber, earlier this month.

Under the revised law, the class size will be reduced for the second grade in fiscal 2021, which begins on Thursday, and for a higher grade in each of the following years. The class size for the first grade was reduced to 35 students in fiscal 2011.

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