Haruki Murakami Tells Junior Fellows to "Write from the Heart"

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Tokyo, April 2 (Jiji Press)--Haruki Murakami has delivered a congratulatory speech to new art students at his alma mater, Waseda University, advising them to write from the heart to create a good novel.

The 72-year-old famed Japanese writer addressed some 1,500 new students at the enrollment ceremony for the private university's school of humanities and social sciences and the school of culture, media and society at one of its campuses in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward on Thursday.

To students aiming to become novelists, Murakami said, "You can't write a good novel unless you think with your heart." He went on: "You may not be an intelligent person or a model student, but your brain might work in accordance with your needs, and that's all right. Find what is right for you."

Murakami also said: "The profession of novelist, like a torch, has been passed down from hand to hand. I'd be happy if any of you take it over."

While noting that novels do not help society directly or work as a quick remedy or vaccine, Murakami said that there would be no healthy development of society without them. "A novel is something that gradually catches things that can't be captured entirely by conscience or logic."

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