Boy Carries Olympic Flame to Thank for Saving Brother's Life


Azumino, Nagano Pref., April 2 (Jiji Press)--A 14-year-old boy ran as a Tokyo Olympic torch bearer in the central Japan prefecture of Nagano on Friday to show his gratitude to the people who saved the life of a younger brother, who was the world's smallest baby boy at birth in 2018.

Yuhei Sekino, the eldest son of four siblings from the Nagano town of Karuizawa ran in the city of Azumino, which hosts Nagano Children's Hospital, where Ryusuke, the 2-year-old third son of the four, was born.

On Oct. 1, 2018, Ryusuke was born by emergency Caesarean section when his mother was 24 weeks and five days pregnant. He then weighed 258 grams and had a body length of 22 centimeters, with eyes unopen.

The mother, Toshiko, said his skin "looked breakable" and that she "was worried whether he would be able to see and survive."

The baby's s blood vessels were as narrow as needles, making it difficult to put him on a drip. His life was in danger, but intensive care provided by doctors and nurses allowed him to leave the hospital in April 2019.

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