Nobel-Winning Scientist Isamu Akasaki Dies at 92

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Tokyo, April 2 (Jiji Press)--Japanese scientist Isamu Akasaki, who won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics for creating blue light-emitting diodes, died of pneumonia at a hospital in Nagoya Thursday morning. He was 92.

Akasaki, a native of Kagoshima Prefecture, was tenured professor at Meijo University in the capital of Aichi Prefecture.

After graduating Kyoto University in 1952, Akasaki joined Kobe Industries Corp., now Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture-based Denso Ten Ltd. Then he moved to Nagoya University in 1959 and a Tokyo research laboratory of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., now Panasonic Corp. <6752>, in 1964.

He became professor at Nagoya University in 1981, professor emeritus at the university and professor at Meijo University in 1992 and special professor at Nagoya University in 2004 before assuming the tenured post in 2010.

In 1989, Akasaki succeeded in developing blue LEDs, a world-first achievement not expected to be realized in the 20th century, using gallium nitride, which is difficult to handle.

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