Osaka Hospital Raising Funds to Make COVID-19 Patient Isolator

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Osaka, April 5 (Jiji Press)--Osaka University Hospital has launched a crowdfunding program to raise funds for manufacturing original isolator equipment for use when transporting COVID-19 patients by ambulance.

The hospital in Suita, Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, aims to raise 10 million yen through the program, which will run through May 31.

The hospital has been treating severely ill patients infected with the new coronavirus. The number of COVID-19 patients carried to the hospital between April last year and February this year came to 51.

For transporting COVID-19 patients by ambulance, the hospital has been using bag-type plastic isolators fitted with negative-pressure equipment to keep the air inside from leaking out. As this type of isolator often forces patients to have plastic attached to their faces, it causes them a strong feeling of being locked-up and offers poor visibility for doctors and nurses. In addition, when plastic isolators are used, it takes about two hours in total for preparations and the work to disinfect instruments after transportation.

The new equipment planned by Osaka University Hospital is a capsule-type isolator that can even carry seriously ill patients on mechanical ventilators. It requires only about 30 minutes to conduct disinfection and other related work. The hospital aims to have one new isolator delivered by the manufacturer by the end of March next year.

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