Japan, Germany to Hold 2-Plus-2 Security Talks for First Time


Tokyo, April 5 (Jiji Press)--Japan and Germany are considering holding a meeting of their foreign and defense ministers for the first time, in mid-April, Japanese government sources said Monday.

The two-plus-two session is part of efforts by the two countries to expand their cooperation, until now focused on the economy, into national security at a time when concerns over China's hegemonic behavior are increasing in Europe as well as Asia.

Germany is currently reviewing its policy for China as Beijing is tightening its control over Hong Kong and promoting the development of military bases in the South China Sea.

In September last year, Germany came up with policy guidelines for the Indo-Pacific region, designed to strengthen its cooperation with democratic countries, such as Japan and Australia. Under the guidelines, Germany is planning its first dispatch of a frigate ship to the region.

Japan, which has already two-plus-two security dialogue frameworks with Britain and France, welcomes the opportunity to hold the meeting with Germany, a key player in the European Union.

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