81 Fraudulent Job Subsidy Cases Found since Coronavirus Spread


Tokyo, April 6 (Jiji Press)--Japan's government has confirmed 81 fraudulent applications for employment adjustment subsidies since the novel coronavirus began to spread widely in the nation, labor minister Norihisa Tamura said Tuesday.

The amount of aid involved in the cases totaled about 700 million yen, Tamura said at a press conference. "It's extremely regrettable, and I urge businesses to stop these inexcusable acts," he said.

Under the subsidy program, the government covers allowances companies pay to workers put on temporary leave.

Many of the 81 applications were made for employees who were not placed on leave or did not exist, according to the minister. In 44 cases, applicant businesses fraudulently received a total of around 270 million yen. In the remaining 37 cases, the labor ministry decided not to grant the aid due to suspected fraud uncovered in the screening process.

Businesses that have received the employment adjustment subsidies in a deceitful way must pay back the full amount plus a 20 pct surcharge and cannot apply for the aid for five years.

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